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September 2011

A Repaint for the Jalopy is becoming my main focus and I believe it will be the most significant improvement on the jalopy since I brought her home on a trailer. In some ways I am looking forward to the experience, and of course the end result. But in other ways I am terrified as to what lays before me, both financially and physically.


9th September - Repaint
I think I have found someone to give an estimate for a paint job? I am going to trailer it across town and let him look it over and I am sure he will probably look for repair spots, if indeed anyone has done any! I hope he doesn't find any and the truck is clean with no previous damage. I am going to try and take the truck to the painter on Monday if all goes well. My wife said this is going to be my Christmas present.

I want my truck to be as close to picture perfect as I can afford and that I have time for. Today I contacted someone from the local antique automobile club to ask who they would suggest I see about painting the old gal. I got a telephone number and an email address which I will follow up .

12th September - IndicatorsI have tried working on wiring again this weekend with NO success. I have a friend coming over and in a few minutes we will have it all wired and turn signals working like they were factory. Then on Tuesday evening I am trying to make it to the local antique car club meeting. I have been a member since early summer and have been out of town almost ever month when they have their meetings.

13th September - Indicators
My friend and I friend worked last night and we have all the indicator lights now working. I still have to coil up the wires and zip-tie them to keep them from hanging from everywhere but it's nice to see those "blinking lights" working!

14th September - Repaint
The jalopy is heading to the paint shop after lunch today. I came into work at 4:30 this morning so that I could leave early, go home and load up, then drive across town to the paint shop.

14th September - Indicators
Last night I re-directed some wiring to keep it neat and out of the way. Yesterday I ordered some split, flexible cover to slip over the wiring to make it look even neater.

15th September - Repaint
A bit discouraged today. Took half the day off from work to haul the truck to the painter, and if he did my truck to his standards it would cost me almost as much as I paid for the jalopy. No way I can justify that amount, even though it would look first class. I will have to let 'er ride the way she is or find somebody that will do a cheaper job. Dang, I was so excited.

16th September - Repaint
To rub salt into the wound regarding my unsuccessful trip to the painter yesterday. When I came home to load up the truck, I was driving it onto the trailer, got a little off centre, caught the fender where it connects to the running board (passenger side). Ended up with a few dents and bends in the front fender. Tried to keep cool, and just shook my head in total disbelief!

The paint guy was totally up front and knew the cost was too much for my budget. But as he said, "I'm just trying to make a living and this is what I do for a living." He is way out of my league for the job I need done. I don't need a showroom truck as I am going to be driving it around and enjoying it. He did offer if I wanted to participate, I could dismantle it and take a piece or two over and he would work on it and primer it. When I got all the parts and pieces to him and he finished them up, then I would take the truck cab over and he would paint everything at the same time and he then would essentially help ME put it back together again for a price.

Starting tomorrow I will start contacting some "other" body/paint folks. I know for a fact they will not be able to do nearly as good a job but for the price difference I could paint it a couple or even several times for the same money. So after all that I was a bit down yesterday. It felt like someone had let all my air out of my tires. The ups and downs of this crazy hobby.

20th September - Repaint
I got a bit of a shock when someone gave me an estimate to do some minor body work and paint the old gal. I haven't engaged anyone yet to do the job and if everyone else is that expensive then I may just be driving the old gal as is for a long time. It was probably a good deal but I  cannot justify spending that much money to make her all shiny and pretty. If I was retired I would take a class and do the work myself. Lets see how the month develops.

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