Monday, 26 March 2012

November 2011

November would see tho old wood tray removed from the jalopy and a new one being planned. Also the upcoming body work and paint job was getter closer.

Now at last things are starting to happen.


1st November
This is the last picture of  the jalopy before the old wood tray was removed

I took the old gal (the truck) outside this past weekend because we were having all the grand kids, all four of them, at our house and were leaving from here to go to a wedding. We wanted to get some pictures of them with the truck, thinking it would make great Christmas cards. As it turned out, two of them didn't get here until it was time to leave, and by the way they were in no mood to "pose" for grandpa or anybody else for that matter. Long story short, I got a few good shots of "the jalopy" before we all left to go to the wedding.

At the moment I am working on replacing the ply-wood bed. The wood spoke wheels will be next and with a little wind-fall or perhaps winning the lottery, she will get a new paint job. The last item will have to wait awhile as a paint job is the most expensive.

Actually the paint isn't all that terrible and it at least protects the body. When you get up close it is easy to see the paint runs, little dents and things like that that I would like to have fixed. At age 64, I don't expect to own another and when I am gone I hope this one is in top shape for whomever it goes to. Besides, I want to drive enjoy and own a near perfect old truck. Don't get me wrong, the little beauty is not a bad looker now, she just needs cleaned up and dusted with a little pixie dust. 

6th November - A therapeutic drive in the Jalopy.
I took the jalopy for a run yesterday and again this evening (Saturday). Yesterday I drove over to a paint and body shop (less than a mile from my house), then drove her to work. What a good time driving on a major highway going into the city, cars passing me on both sides and going like a bat out of hell. I am probably going at about 35 mph and at this stage until a few more jobs are done, I don't want to go any faster in the old gal. 

A lot of people were looking at her and in the parking lot at work and on the way home in the afternoon traffic. As a perfect finish for the afternoon I drove my bride to the car rally at the local burger place.

I had been thinking about taking the bed off today, but as I was going to the rally this evening decided not to. I plan to take her to the paint and body shop in a couple of weeks. I am thinking of getting done some body alignment done as both the doors sag a bit. Then give her a sand her down and a nice paint job. I may have struck up a tremendous deal after getting the first quote was more than double for the same thing. I've seen their work and it is like art work. It should take about 2 weeks, and this would give me time to build the new truck bed. If I am ever going to do any work on the truck, now is the time and with the bed off.

7th November - Finally the bed is removed from the chassis
I removed the bed off the frame today after tackling no less than 75 screws, nuts and bolts. I think I have screw-driver elbow or something similar. Next job will be to measure, cut and shape the new boards and drill holes for 75 screws, nuts and bolts.

I should hear from the paint and body shop in about two weeks. If I am lucky I may have the jalopy home by Christmas. My darling bride asked me if I wanted to have the painting of the truck as my 2011 and 2012 everything gift. Thinking for a millisecond I said, YES! What a sweetie she is.

Below I have posted a few photos of the Jalopy after the tray was removed.

13th November - A bit of a shopping and planning week.
I have been out of town all week, so I have done nothing on the truck, other than buying a bunch of stainless steel bolts for when I put the bed back together again. This should control the rust factor. I was able to get the same size and length that I took out of the bed.

I am also hoping to get a call from the paint and body shop telling  me to bring the jalopy in so they can start the process. If that were all to happen, it would be possible to have her back by Christmas.

When I get the jalopy back from the body shop, I plan to tackle the spokes, get them sanded down and looking as good as the rest of the truck.

Very exciting times are coming.

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