Sunday, 1 April 2012

March 2012

1st March
With some luck, I might be able to set the bed (ute) on the frame this evening or tomorrow evening. Linda's brother is visiting for two weeks and he would be needed (maybe Linda too). Once I get it set on the frame, I can drill some holes and mount some round-head bolts through the floor and into the frame. Once mounted, I can then put the rear fenders on, the two top rails that flare out from the bed, and one piece in front, top, next to the cab. I am putting all stainless steel screws, nuts and bolts. Hopefully I will never see any rust or patina again! Not in my lifetime at least and I hope there is no such thing as rust in the next!

3rd March
It is amazing to me the things I have found that needed tweaking - while I was doing something else to the truck. I am either very lucky, or observant, or there are more things wrong (wore out, need adjusting, etc.) with the old gal than I could normally find just washing and cleaning her up. It almost scares me when I find these things and realise I may have been driving with so many potential problems hanging over my head, and don't know it. Working on the spokes has been especially rewarding because I have found something wrong with two out of four, and the other two have already received some tender - loving - care. I think I should look at the motor mounts, etc. just in case. BTW, the body guy found several things that were not snuggled up when he was under the truck and working on her. Maybe I need to invest in some loctite and hit every single bolt and nut. (Loctite is a substance that is used a lot with Harley Davidsons because they shake and rattle so much that nuts and bolts tend to loosen. In case you are not familiar with it.)

6th March
Stellar day all around, and with the help of my brother in law and Linda (with Sadie supervising), we got the bed set on the frame (unattached at the moment) and the fenders kind of barely on. I am going to have to come up with some kind of a spacer to put between the rear fender and the bed...and some longer bolts. The big thing was to set this heavy-ass bed on the frame and to match-up the hole cut in the bed to set down over the petrol filler neck without doing any damage to anyone or anything! It fit perfectly...YEA! We had torrential rains and tornadoes all around the area Saturday for the entire day, so I stayed in the garage and working on finishing the bed. Sunday was cold but sunny and we put the dang thing on.

I have been waiting for months and months to see these two together again. Everything fit perfectly together and I could not be happier.

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