Tuesday, 10 April 2012

30th March - 9th April 2012. A Few Finishing Touches, Here and There

30th March
Last night I removed the top rail from the bed of the truck as i did not like the gap between the top side board and the rail. I added a piece of oak 1/4 round, glued it and used a brad nailer to attach it to the top side piece. Now when I put the top rail back on it should fit pretty close and tight. Tonight will try to get it coated with sealant and tomorrow re-attach the top rail. I am also going to install inside-cove around the frame of the bed. Something to fill in the cracks up both sides of the bed and across the front. I will of course give these new additions the same treatment as I did the bed, i.e. black paint, wipe off, sand and then a good coat of Australian sealant.

1st April
I have the truck bed back together and have pretty much removed the open space from under the top rail to the top of the side pieces. I had to re drill some holes in the metal support bars but not in the wood so you cannot see any of it. I am still going to "frame out" the bed with some molding trim, mostly to make it look like a professionally made bed.

5th April
Today I received two aluminium step plates for the jalopy. It may not look original but it sure is going to look good.

This Saturday evening is the monthly get together at the local burger joint. I hope the weather holds out because I'd sure like to drive on down and show off the jalopy. it would be the first attendance since before restoration. I've invited a lot of people to come by an enjoy seeing all the diversity and to chat. It should be fun.

I still need to figure out the positioning of the aluminium step plates before Saturday night. Sure hope the weather holds out cause if it is raining or threatening rain, I wont be going.

Also I installed the rubber molding on the windshield this past Sunday. I've had it for over 6 months and could never figure out how to put it on and for it to stay. Whenever I started putting it on, it would peel up and come right off. I literally had to pinch it on, hold it down with my other hand and slowly work toward the other side of the windshield. It was hard work but satisfying to finally get it on! It took me over a half hour to get it on, step by step, inch by 1/4 inch. It fought me every step of the way but in the end......I won.

6th April
A not so good pic but with the top rail back on. If you compare this pic with the one outside my garage, you can see the previous gap and why it bothered me.

This is the passenger side with the top rail removed (see the metal bracing sticking out at a 45 degree angle). There was a gap between the top of the side wall and under the top rail that slanted out.

Looking from the passenger side to the driver's side. You can barely distinguish between the 1/4 round and the top of the side wall because it has been painted, sanded and sealed with the same process as the entire bed received. However, if you DON'T see it then all the better...it is doing exactly what I wanted it to do and that is fill the gap that was bothering the heck out of me.

Also, see the filler cap for the gas tank. I don't think I will ever regret taking the tank out from under the seat and moving it behind the rear axle. I won't be hauling anything back there so it isn't in the way at all. As of the time I took this pic, the molding around the deck (between the walls and the bottom of the bed) has not been installed yet.

7th April
It looks very, very good for the trip to the Sonic (burger place) this afternoon. The weather is supposed to be nothing but sunshine with temps in the 80 F range. I am going to get the step plates mounted and possibly make a bow tie out of wood to mount on the tailgate. I know it isn't original either but there is nothing anywhere on the truck to identify that it is not a Ford.  There is the radiator emblem and now I have the step plates that are Chev...but there in nothing in the back. It will be to scale and nothing gaudy.

8th April
Well....................... we went to the local burger joint for the car gathering this afternoon. We got there in time to get the last parking space. The jalopy looked so good and heads were turning. I decided to back into the parking space so we would be headed in the right direction when we got ready to leave. People walked over to ask about her. We had one 50ish lady walk up and said she was driving down the highway and saw the jalopy AND that was the reason she turned in. She came over and talked about wanting a jalopy like our jalopy. We encouraged her to keep looking and she agreed she would. One gentleman talked about having a '28 that he had sold a few years ago. He now has a '29, which he had driven to the gathering. He showed me several things under the hood that may have been changed out.

My neighbour was there and said he was excited about hearing it run. I got in to start her up. I turned on the key and listened for the fuel pump to sing its familiar tune, pulled the choke and hit the starter. All I had was a click, click, click. What I had was one seriously dead battery How embarrassing. My neighbour saved the day by jumping the jalopy with his truck. We got it started and I drove her home while there was still some daylight. I left the little woman watching the raffle drawing. When I got home I realized she had the house keys. I had to call her to catch a ride with the neighbours.

We've had several laughs about the afternoon and tomorrow the trickle charger will be hooked to the battery. In the future, this will be an item to check before we head to the local hamburger joint.

9th April
Driver's side step plate installed. I know it isn't original but I don't care....I like it and anything that will help keep the running boards from getting scratched, marred, molested or paint removed...is my friend. It is always scary to be drilling holes into newly painted surfaces.

9th April
Check out the home-made bow tie logo. The only identification on the entire truck is the little emblem on the radiator shroud. There is nothing anywhere else on the body that is readily available. So, with the introduction of the Chevy step plates, now I have this little tail-feather waving at the cars and people behind me. I went to the shop Saturday morning with an idea in mind but for the life of me couldn't get the idea to become a wood design. After awhile it started materialising and using scrap wood left over from making the bed, I came up with the bow tie.

So, then I took all the pieces to the garage, attached them to the tailgate with a brad nail gun, sanded the rough corners just a bit and carefully painted it black. I think it adds just enough contrast to make the bow tie stick out and yet not be gaudy. I am very pleased with the end results and really took very little time to build (or install).

"It looks good right there Jerry!" As my brother would have said, "nail it". All in all this was an improvement as far as protection of the paint on the running boards. Secondly, it looks really good and last but not least it gives some identification to the truck. On the back of the truck...the actual license plate or license tag says: "My 28".. And yet so many people came up to me and asked, "What year is it?" We got so many compliments on the over all looks, paint, etc. It made me proud to own this piece of Chevrolet history. People thanked ME for bringing her down to the car gathering! 

Another angle of the bow tie. I'm liking it!

The step plate is "set in place" and clamped. Next  step is to drill a hole in each corner for the stainless steel screws that will hold it in place. I used a tiny - rubber grommet under each hole (between the plate and running board) to elevate the plate just enough for moisture to evaporate, and also to give a little cushioning and not have metal to metal. Gotta love that Chevy logo.

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    Great effort mate, it is looking like a real piece of history.... Cheers