Thursday, 29 November 2012

18th November 2012. The Green Jalopy wins its first award

I was at the monthly cruise-in a couple of weeks ago. I took my grandson with me so that he could see the cars and trucks. I saw many of the usual people do the drive through, the majority of them were newer Mustangs, Camaros Corvettes and a good share of "souped up" hotrods. Being at an organized event with these beefed-up mechanical bullies is a bit intimidating. I was neatly tucked between the trash dumpster and another vehicle for protection.

While at the cruise-in, a young man approached me with a flyer and said his wife had specifically asked him to give me one. He said there was a car show in a couple of weekends at the fairgrounds in an effort to raise money for a scholarship. The scholarship is named in honor of a fallen police officer, Sgt Daniel Dale Green. I thought about it for a few days and decided to enter my first car show.

Saturday arrived as a damp, windy (did I mention cold), overcast morning. I waited until morning to bring the green beast from the protection of the garage because I didn't want the dew to blanket her with moisture. With ramps down from the night before, it was a simple task of driving the truck onto the trailer, strapping her down and "off to see the wizard" we'd go. I should add here that the reason I didn't drive the truck to the show, even though it is local, was because I would be required to drive through downtown Tallahassee. Downtown Tallahassee to those that do not live here is surprisingly hilly and almost always full of stop and go traffic. The jalopy has rear brakes only...and they are mechanical and NOT hydraulic. Enough said!

I arrived about 9:00 AM with jalopy in tow, was told where to park my tow vehicle and was asked "does it run"? I guess if it doesn't have fat tires with flames painted on the hood and have at least a 350, it may not even run. I assured her that it did and she pointed to the place I should park. I slid the old gal into line in just a few minutes and started preparing her for the many eyes that would be "checking her out". We were parked next to a beautiful white Corvette and a Mustang Mach 1, and on the other side another beautiful burnt-orange Vette. I told my neighbors that I was in good company whether they were or not!

The show was relatively small, maybe 35-40 cars and low key. I was thankful for the setting, although it was a bit cold and blustery. There were bagels, hot coffee and later chicken and side dishes to eat. Police Officers were everywhere and polite, honoring their fallen brother. There were drawings, a silent auction for numerous gifts and, lastly the awards. I did win a mini-mag flashlight with a price sticker still on it for $17.99. My entrance fee was only $15.00 for early entry, so I made out quite well.

Having never entered a car show before, I don't know if this is a common custom or not but in our packets we were given a voting card to help determine which entry was the "favorite". It was the first prize given. The people had spoken and Mrs. Green was there to hand out the awards in her son's honor. It was announced that the vehicle chosen was Mrs. Green's favorite and evidently the People's Choice also. The announcer said the People's Choice Award for the Daniel Dale Green fund for 2012 is the 1928 Chevrolet Truck. The jalopy had just won its very first prize and in its very first show!

All said and done, a good day for man and beast. We won't be quite so intimidated at the next show and/or the cruise-in and who knows the plaque just might go with us and maybe, just maybe a muscle car or two might cower a little bit when the green jalopy comes screaming putt, putt, putting) around the drive-thru. After all, we are the People's Choice and the jalopy has the plaque to prove it! 

All in a day! It was windy, cloudy and kind of cold but we all stuck it out and nobody complained that it was too hot. There was only one other truck there so I guess I had a bit of an advantage. All in all it was a good experience.

I've resisted the temptation to enter anything considered competetion or a show. I wasn't interested, didn't want to "waste my time". I had better things to do, and besides I don't know any of those people. Excuses, biased opinion, or maybe just the fear of flying! I don't know why I was not interested in taking the jalopy to a car show but suspect it was indeed the fear of being embarrassed if someone asked a question I couldn't answer or the jalopy just not matching up with the competition. We all justify our actions (or in my case no action).

But now, for the future, well who knows?????

Below are a few pictures of the day, the cars, and of course the award winning Green Jalopy.


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  1. Congrats Jerry...

    Well done and great effort with the car show, must of been the door signage that push their decision over the edge :)
    The old girl is looking a treat but next time leave the trailer at home as Ray would not approve and also throw on the timber tray a couple of old rusty large milk cans for show...

    Cheers mate